ᴋɪᴇʜʟ’s ᴍɪᴅɴɪɢʜᴛ ʀᴇᴄᴏᴠᴇʀʏ ᴄᴏɴᴄᴇɴᴛʀᴀᴛᴇ



If you are not using a primer during your make up routine, you are missing out on major thing. Weather you are going for a full fledged wedding make up or any simple make up for everyday outings, a primer is must in your vanity for smooth base for foundation .


Makeup primer is a gel applied after moisturizer and before foundation. It provides a smooth surface on which to apply makeup, and it can also help keep your makeup in place, which is especially important during humid summer months or long days at the office.


1)SILICONE BASED PRIMERS – These are best for oily to combination skin. E.g. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation

2)CREAM FORMULA BASED PRIMER– They are good for dry skin and are greasy in consistency E.g. Tarte timeless smoothing primer

3)LOTION FACE PRIMER – These are good for normal to combination skin and after applying they get absorbed easily into skin. E.g. NYX angel veil primer



Price -1600 INR for 15 ml

Available on @nykaa

It actually creates the perfect smooth surface for your foundation to smooth on and increases the duration of Foundation stay on face. It’s expensive, but worth the money because it gives accurate long lasting results. Good for oily skin.


Price : Rs. 775 for 20 ml

Available on – Amazon.in

If you’re already a fan of silicone-based primers and you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to Smashbox Photo Finish Primer or Benefit The Porefessional, I think you might want to consider this one. Its good for newbies who wants to try their hand at primers for the first time.I recommend it to every one who wants to keep their makeup long lasting and who are on a budget. Good for skin with pores or other skin imperfections.


Price – 2200 INR for 22 ml

Available at Sephora stores

For oily skins it keeps your skin smooth, pretty and keeps your face fresh for an average of 5-6 hours.As name suggests again it is recommended for skin with imperfections.


Price – 871 INR for 15 ml

Available on @Nykaa , @amazon.in

A silicon-based creamy textured primer’s basic function is to blur the open pores, to conceal the wrinkles and to turn your skin into a perfect canvas to apply makeup that stays longer. It hydrates and refreshes your skin.


Price- 800 INR for 30 ml

available on Amazon.in

This incredible cost-friendly silicon based primer works wonders on oily skin by covering the open pores and giving a satin-finish look. It contains silica and is cost friendly.


Price 2400 INR for 30 ml

Available on @Nykaa

Lavender flavored light weighted non-heavy gel based Primer formula that is easily absorbed on the surface of the skin. On applying this super smooth primer, your skin attains a satin-like texture which blends with foundation most gently. This primer works best on oily skin


Rs. 1,290.00

Available on e-bay

Lotion based green translucent primer which is suitable for all skin types. It neutralises redness and other skin discolorations to help you in the makeup application process.


Apply primer to the centre of your face and gently blend outwards in circular motion. The application is similar to the one you use while applying moisturiser. Primers can also be applied on eyelids as it helps in making eyeshadows stay in place . After applying wait for 5-10 minutes for primers to work on your skin.

A flawless face is the basis of every great make up look, and while a great skincare regimen, foundation and concealer work wonders, a primer acts as insurance of the make up.

Mystically charming oxidised jewellery 

Life is too short to wear same old gold jewellery everyday. Gone are the days when people wore the real stuff for occasions to feel accepted. Why not to wear jewellery that will make you feel truly different from others? 

Away from the crowds of metro cities where people are embracing the Western culture,there exists a vast population of women who who want to look good in silver.

Oxidized jewellery has always been a favorite trend in India, that keeps coming back in fashion over a period of time. In many parts of the country such as Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Rajasthan, Kutch etc, silver is still the metal of choice for most jewels/ornaments.The fun thing about it is it can be team up with any outfit and with any kind of look — be it a trendy or a traditional one.

Oxidized silver is sterling silver that’s been purposely tarnished using a controlled method. While effective, chemical oxidation solutions like Silver Black, Black Max, Win-Ox.

Why Oxidized Silver?

Extra step of oxidation gives an antique look to silver. An oxidized finish can make it look rustic, earthy, or even edgy.

How to wear ?

Oxidised jewellery is so versatile that it goes with any outfit and enhances the entire look. You can wear it with leather jacket and look like a badass or wear with traditional kurti and look gorgeous. Go for  nose pins , mang tikka or bangles while wearing saree. Think of going for heavy nackpiece when wearing with western top. But then go  minimal in ear rings. You can also choose to go boho by pairing with any fusion outfit. 

Maintenance –

The ideal place to store them is cool and away from sunlight. Even indoor light source like florescent lights or light bulbs turn the color of oxidised jewelry over time. If you expect not to wear a certain piece for a long time, put it in an air-tight bag and store it in a drawer.

Where to get ?

In mumbai you get them on Colaba streets,  Waterfield road, Bandra . In Delhi ,Sarojini nagar streets has wide variety of colourful oxidised jewellery.Online shopping sites like Amazon, Ajio , Koovs  also sell this type of jewellery .

So bring out the boho spirit with some awesome oxidised jewellery and rock on!!!

Wardrobe challenge 

Nothing worse than having a beautiful piece of traditional outfit which you wear  only once during some festival and then that piece keep lying in your wardrobe for years.You wait for some occasion to wear it again.That’s simply because you want to make maximum use of it till it remains on the trending chart.

So ladies , how about styling the same outfit in a different way and making it more casual ? So today I thought I might share with you one such traditional outfit, which can be style in two ways, featuring two of my favorite Looks .

The first look is a about traditional gharara pants and kurti which I had worn recently during Diwali.Gharara pants have that unique design and flare which made them popular. All the celebrities were seen flaunting this style during festivals. 

I paired this gharara pant with a white off shoulder top to make it look more casual . Wide highwaist leather belt adds little oomph factor.This second look is more chic and glamorous. You can easily carry it to a lunch date or hanging out with friends.It allows you to wear different and exciting looks even when you are on a budget or have a limited wardrobe.

So make optimum use of available clothes by widening  your wardrobe horizons. Stay stylish !!!


Gharara pants and kurti – customised from local boutique in Bandra, Mumbai

Off shoulder top – @ajiolife.com

Wide leather high waist belt – @forever21

Sandles – @luluandskyofficial


It is important to work on your closet and learn creative ways to wear a single outfit. Wearing the same dress every day is boring but keep changing the way it looks is something very fun to do.Not only it will you have plenty more outfits than you imagined, but it will also save your money. Just because an item is a dress doesn’t mean you have to wear it as one! 

I bought this pinstripe Off shoulder ruffled tiered layered dress from @srstore09 a year back. Layered frill dresses were too much in fashion that time.

 Though fashion changes over a period of time, style remains. Those same frills are now back in skirts. 

So I decided to give an interesting twist to my existing style of dress. I simply pulled it down from my shoulders to on my waist and used it as a skirt. I paired it with a white graphic bodysuit bought from @forever21 and ensemble looked so damn fabulous. All thanks to elastic shoulder pattern given to the dress which could fit so nicely on my waist.

Wearing one dress in multiple ways can save your money and give you stylish look every day. Keep reading my blog and follow the tips to get a fashionista look.

Bodysuit- @forever21

Skirt/dress – @srstore

Heeled sandles – @lulu&skyofficial


Are you a BOBBI BROWN fan ? I simply love their products.Some of them are a staple in my bag permanently . Bobbi Brown products are known for making a woman feel prettier and confident by retaining her natural look . With her signature lip glosses and best-selling shimmer bricks this makeup artist has redefined what it means to be gorgeous, encouraging women to love themselves just the way the are.

Some of them which are recommended are as follows



This kit  is such a unique product that it makes you look like you got nice eight hours of sleep when actually you only got four. It features a concealer and a sheer pressed powder and looks like a contact lense case. It is advisable to put concealer using fingers to get desired effect. Once settled with powder it stays for long hours. 

If you are a true make up junkie it is not possible that you havnt heard of this product.Corrector neutralises undereye darkness by utilising pink or peach based tones. It should be layered below concealer .If applied with fingers it gives pretty good coverage.


This is a must buy if you have oily skin.It gives a soft matte finish, keeps oil at bay, without looking unnatural and starkly matte .This medium- to full-coverage, oil-free formula never looks cakey or “masky.” Glycerin and shea butter keep skin feeling moisturized while a gel base creates a lightweight finish that stays color-true.I  like this foundation because even in high coverage it makes me look naturally beautiful.


This is one of the Bobbi Browns’ best sellers.This product is versatile and travel friendly. It contains skin correcting pigments and is easy to build coverage .One more convenience factor is  quick makeup application. Swipe a stick over your face, blend it out and your foundation is done in 5 minutes? Sounds great. 


I love a long-lasting pressed-powder and have always preferred these to loose and creamy powders. As I have oily skin, I always set my foundation with a powder, dusting it on my t-zone with a big brush to keep it in place. This one from Bobbi Brown is long-lasting and creates a flawless look on my skin.This sheer powder is 100% oil-free and oil-absorbing, with vitamin E for the most comfortable wear. 


This is my cult favourite of all and never ever forget it to carry in my travel bag. Just dust over your apples of cheeks and along the hairline and achieve that perfect sculpt look. 


It is undoubtedly Bobbi Browns one of the best product and rightfully so . It gives best shine on cheeks without looking “cheap”. Good for wedding or party look. 


It gives extremely black, stretched-out lashes in an instant—the perfect complement to a smoky eye look. Saturated big brush gives magical effect of thicker fullers lashes.


This lip gloss is formulated with soothing botanical extracts – including Avocado, Jojoba and Chamomile Oils, and Aloe Extract – to keep lips soft and supple. Candy pink and Hollywood red shades gives my lips excellent dimensions.


  Bobbi Brown’s Face Mist, is perfect hydrator without messing up your makeup. It is refreshing and sets my makeup really good for a great night out. 100ml bottle is travel friendly too as it passes airport scrutiny and it’s a plastic, non aerosol bottle.

For Brown, makeup wasn’t about emulating the artificial styles of models and actresses — it was a tool to highlight “what was [already] there.” Get inspired to own your natural beauty by shopping her best-sellers.


There’s nothing more exciting than going to a concert to see your favourite artist perform. However, you can’t go to any event, especially a concert, without wearing the appropriate concert outfit choice – depending on your style of music of course.


While attending any type of the concert during summer, you must wear loose, light and short clothing so that you don’t get irritated by the sweat while hopping with loud music.Cut-off denim shorts and flannel shirts are best to go for. Plaids are all time favourite with this style.Over the knee boots ,peep toe heels , or cowboy boots are suggested.

Flannel – @hm

White top and denim shorts – @forever21

Over the knee boots – @luluandskyofficial


Since Hip Hop concerts are full of dancing, moving and singing, wear comfortable clothes.A graphic tee along with black jeggings make a simple and effortless look .A plaid flannel tied around your waist is an easy way to add a little western flare to any outfit. Flannels are also great for those chilly nights, and you don’t want to carry a jacket. Pair with ankle boots.Bold your outfits with some eye make up .

From Top to bottom – @forever21

Another way is to pair your favourite boyfriend jeans with a graphic muscle tee. Layer it with oversized denim jacket. Wear some eye catching ankle heeled boots and complete the look with a baker boy hat. 

Oversized denim jacket – @zara

Boyfriend jeans – @forever21

Graphic muscle tee – @forever21

Pointed toe embroidered boots – @zara


To dress for a rock concert, think about your layered clothes in terms of a cohesive outfit. When choosing colors, opt for a mostly dark outfit with a few accents in a bold color.Nail the edgy style with a black mini skirt and graphic tee. Layer it with black jacket .

Black tight mini skirt – @veromoda

Shoes and graphic tee – @forever21

Jacket – @zara

Bag – @forever21

Leather is a must for  rock event. Rock concerts are a time to be hardcore and badass so you’re going to need a kick butt outfit. A black leather jacket with mid riff top and distressed jeans is cool kickass way to dress up. Pair it with some black boots and you are ready to rock.

Black leather jacket – @onlyindia

Mid riff top – @koovs

Distressed jeans – @zara

Boots – @forever21

Another sophisticated look which is suitable for any concert is black leather jeggings with  a knotted white tee . This is comfortable and chic . A sling bag and pointed toe heels simply adds extra oomph to it. 

White tee – @hm

Leather jeggings and shoes -@forever21

Sling bag – @forever21

I hope you like my different concert looks.If you have any more new ideas about concert look please share by commenting.